Fine Tuning of the BitCover Algorithm for Interactive VoD Streaming over 5G Cellular Networks




BitCover, 5G, Streaming, VoD, Interactivity, Mobility



The BitCover algorithm is an adaptation of the popular BitTorrent algorithm for interactive Video-on-Demand (VoD) streaming over 5G cellular networks. This algorithm has already proven to be an effective solution for granting adequate bandwidth utilization within each cell site, which turns out to be essential for unlocking the whole potential of the 5G technology. Despite its attractive performance, we though wonder if there is still space for optimization since four of its configuration parameters are identical to those of the original BitTorrent, being set with the same numerical values. These parameters are δt (unchoking time), Np (number of neighbors a peer has), y (number of data slots a peer’s upload capacity is divided into), and z (number of peers randomly selected in optimistic unchoking). To tackle this issue, we therefore carry out simulation experiments to hopefully determine a more adequate configuration setup for the three first parameters just mentioned, leaving the specific analysis of the last parameter (i.e., z) implicit since it is directly related to the third parameter (i.e., y). Among the major findings, we highlight that BitCover’s original performance is enhanced at about 16.7% in terms of download rate, and at 50.1% in terms of discontinuity time. To complement this study, we also present a detailed competitive analysis against two other recent literature proposals, mainly to show the overall effectiveness of the optimized version of the BitCover algorithm. Within this context, our pivotal contribution is to offer helpful insights for designing protocols aimed at 5G cellular networks. Finally, this paper ends with general conclusions and outlines future directions.


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