About the Journal

e-ISSN: 1984-2902

Focus and Scope

Brazilian Journal of Information Systems (iSys) is a scientific journal devoted to the field of Information Systems (IS) with a mission to promote and disseminate the state-of-art in the area. The journal's target audience consists of researchers, professors, students, and professionals with the aim of making a significant novel contribution to the field of Information Systems. The articles submitted to iSys should clearly demonstrate their contribution to the IS domain and focus on the foundations, design, impacts, and evaluation of IS. A wide-range of methods and methodologies can be employed, including systematic literature reviews, case studies, action research, design science, grounded theory, and theory from practice, among others. 

The scope of iSys includes the following research aspects:  

  • IS Foundation: manuscripts introducing and evaluating a theory, a concept, or a principle in the area of Information Systems. The evaluation rigor should be clearly addressed.  
  • IS Design: manuscripts focused on methodologies, description of IS, IS modeling, development of IS tools, the rule of IS in organizations and/or communities, and IS artifacts. In all cases, the evaluation and methodological rigor should be clearly addressed. 
  • IS Evaluation: manuscripts presenting new evaluation methods, as well as the assessment of IS usage in different contexts. 
  • IS Impacts: manuscripts describing or/and analyzing the political, social, financial, and cultural use of IS at organizations and/or in communities.

Social Media 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/isys_sbc