The Specification of Requirements in the MADAE-Pro Software Process


  • Rosario Girardi Universidade Federal do Maranhão
  • Adriana Leite Universidade Federal do Maranhão



MADAE-Pro is an ontology-driven process for multi-agent domain and application engineering which promotes the construction and reuse of agent-oriented applications families. This article introduces MADAE-Pro, emphasizing the description of its domain analysis and application requirements engineering phases and showing how software artifacts produced from the first are reused in the last one. Illustrating examples are extracted from two case studies we have conducted to evaluate MADAE-Pro. The first case study assesses the Multi-Agent Domain Engineering sub-process of MADAE-Pro through the development of a multi-agent system family of recommender systems supporting alternative (collaborative, content-based and hybrid) filtering techniques. The second one, evaluates the Multi-Agent Application Engineering sub-process of MADAE-Pro through the construction of InfoTrib, a Tax Law recommender system which provides recommendations based on new tax law information items using a content-based filtering technique. ONTOSERS and InfoTrib were modeled using ONTORMAS, a knowledge-based tool for supporting and automating the tasks of MADAEPro.


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Girardi, R., & Leite, A. (2010). The Specification of Requirements in the MADAE-Pro Software Process. ISys - Brazilian Journal of Information Systems, 3(1).



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