The Data Integration Research Group at UFPE


  • Ana Carolina Salgado No affiliation declared
  • Bernadette F. Loscio No affiliation declared
  • Maria da Conceição M. Batista No affiliation declared
  • Rosalie B. Belian No affiliation declared
  • Carlos Eduardo S. Pires No affiliation declared
  • Damires Souza No affiliation declared



Context, Data integration, Information Quality, Mediation, Ontologies, PDMS, Semantics, Schema mapping


One of the major database research areas is Data Integration, which refers to providing users with a uniform view over a set of heterogeneous, distributed and autonomous data sources. Data Integration settings concern, for instance, mediator-based integration systems and P2P ones (named Peer Data Management Systems). In these settings, users pose their queries without having to spend time in searching the set of distributed data sources individually. To help matters, research on Data Integration environments has considered the use of semantic knowledge in the form of ontologies and contextual information. For instance, ontologies can be used to solve the heterogeneities between the data sources, while contextual information allows the system to deal with information that is dynamically acquired during the execution of a given query. In this sense, the goal of this paper is to present the Data Integration on Dynamic Environments Group, focusing our discussions on its two main research areas: Mediation-based data integration and P2P data management.


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Salgado, A. C., Loscio, B. F., Batista, M. da C. M., Belian, R. B., Pires, C. E. S., & Souza, D. (2011). The Data Integration Research Group at UFPE. Journal of Information and Data Management, 2(2), 109.



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