Outer-Tuning: an Ontology-based Extensible Framework for Supporting Database Automatic Tuning


  • Raphael Marins UERJ
  • Rafael Pereira de Oliveira PUC-RIO
  • Edward Hermann Haeusler PUC-RIO
  • Sérgio Lifschitz PUC-RIO
  • Daniel Schwabe PUC-RIO
  • Ana Carolina Almeida UERJ




database tuning, docker, ontology, semantic framework


This paper presents the Outer-Tuning framework, which aims to support the (semi) automatic tuning of relational database systems through a domain-specific ontology. Ontologies have shown themselves to be increasingly promising, adding semantics and standardizing the different terms used in a domain. Thereby, our framework seeks to explain and make explicit the tuning heuristics reasoning while enabling the evaluation of new ontology-inferred methods. In this paper we focus on the main aspects of the Outer-Tuning component-based architecture. We also give an overview of our tool in practice. Finally, we show two useful extensions, concerning new DBMSs and a way of dockerizing into a container.


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How to Cite

Marins, R., Pereira de Oliveira, R., Hermann Haeusler, E., Lifschitz, S., Schwabe, D., & Almeida, A. C. (2021). Outer-Tuning: an Ontology-based Extensible Framework for Supporting Database Automatic Tuning. Journal of Information and Data Management, 12(2). https://doi.org/10.5753/jidm.2021.1984



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